• Soluble salt

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Soluble salt

Soluble salt
Product characteristics
01-The grain is clearer than similar products, and it has stronger stereoscopic sense Choose high-quality pure raw materials, advanced permeating glazes, and high-accuracy silk screen soluble salt, and whole precision microcomputer control; apply mature permeating glaze process, so the grain is natural and vivid.
02-Superior interior quality It is produced though the large tonnage presses, so it has such characteristics as great hardness, wear-resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and weathering resistance. Decoration characteristics of the products

Lively and smooth, plain, soft, and elegant tone and natural grain build decent and modern realm; the product integrates wonderful process, romantic charm and artistic conception, and permeates aesthetic sense and fashion of modern decoration culture, and it is suitable for decoration of ground and wall. Fully combine lines sense of modern style and sense of the times to reflect vigor and coordination beauty of brick; harmonious, elegant, outstanding, romantic, passionate, illusion and fantasy characteristics enrich the space with steady and reasonable magnificence. Overall paving presents abundant style expression; the plain and quiet spatial style exhibition is the perfect reflection of exquisite life, and is the popular high-quality decoration choice.