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Salt & pepper
Production process and the technical characteristics Special brick, granite sense comparable with the concept, even better hardness Stone; Brick variety of surface colors, rich and a level flu, such as rain forest, elegant style.
1. process: Pulp - duster - Forming - dry - burning - polishing - milling.
2.technical features: pure powder mixed with a small amount of powder different colors, layout into spots. Special microcrystalline structure, surface texture delicate, natural. Product characteristics that
Product Features
1)Color generous soft, delicate touch, comfortable, high-end luxury not lose generous, sophisticated technology, pollution prevention, good wear resistance
2)Luster reached 60 degrees or higher, water absorption <= 0.08%, bending strength >= studied.The.
Products and highlight attraction
Selling point: The sophisticated technology of Seiko fragments of ceramics, natural ecological products texture, luster, Antipollution strong. Spotlight: with the introduction of anti-pollution and greatly reduce the use of all kinds of pollution in the process of erosion, water absorption water absorption <= 0.08%, to the stains infiltration.
Apply places
Applications: apply to luxury homes, the airport hall, Subway, star hotels, guest houses, office buildings, health institutions, government administrative buildings, banks, supermarkets place.
Decorative effects: no color brick overall effect seamless, calm and show steadily building and thick tone, giving solemn to enrich the modern architectural characteristics.
kago ceramic spread of a "simple, stylish, natural, elegant" way of life. Business philosophy is "to provide personalized customization, variety, artistic ceramic products." These formed a brand Begonia irreplaceable charm