• Mono color

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Mono color
Product characteristics
01-Eternal color and internal and external uniformity
02-Stereoscopic breaking pigment strengthens the level stereoscopic sense
03-Quality kiln production and refined process
04-The color sense is even, clean, soft and smooth
05-Abundant color, multiple choices, and free collocation

Decoration characteristics of the products
Choose simple and fashionable affective decoration style, and annotate another kind of stereoscopic life impression with abundant color. Every kind of color is a kind of primary taste of life; color is a life style and a kind of individual character reflection; color can bring inspiration to people, and promote natural, free, passionate, pure and fashionable dream of life.
Free collocation of different colors unfolds the space in the vivid jumping freely, and different charm trickles out the most vivid decoration aesthetics. The products can make the space dance with color, clean, bright, fresh and lively, transparent and pure, so to release the oppression sense of space and enrich the color of space; the products can be collocated flexibly with other building materials according to different design ideas and function characteristics, to cooperate to produce brilliance, to create the whole succinct space sense and view, harmonious and pure, and to reflect natural and simple decoration style. Bright and beautiful color and color with high purity can be adopted, and stripes, color blocks, and regular geometrics can express color freely but will not produce disharmony in picture composition. And this product is tough, dirt resistant and wear-resistant, and it is the ideal decoration material for different places.