• Porcelain tiles

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Porcelain tiles

Porcelain tiles
Porcelain tiles are ceramic tiles with a water absorption rate of less than 0.5 percent that are used to cover floors and walls. They can either be unglazed or glazed.

The hardness of the tile is rated from zero to five according to the ASTM C1027 (or ISO 10545-7) test for surface abrasion resistance of glazed tile. This rating, (sometimes mistakenly called the PEI rating) determines the tiles suitability for various end use conditions.

Large scale production of porcelain tile is undertaken in many countries, with the major producers being China, Italy, Spain and Turkey.

Porcelain Tile is also a very common trend in tile installation. There are many different styles of porcelain tiles on the market and they have proved to outperform ceramic tile in durability and looks. At your local tile showroom you can find many different styles of porcelain tiles that would be excellent for you home. Finding information about installation of porcelain tile is easy and there are many great sites on the internet to research.