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size:450x450mm 600x600mm 800x800mm

Double loading
Product characteristics
01- Mature and steady production technology
Adopt the advanced secondary distributing and shaping technology of super fine powder ( the fineness reaches to 220 meshes), and overall microcomputer monitoring, integrate smooth shaping technology of powder and true color reduction technology organically, and mix and transit powder materials of different colors naturally and innovatively. The technology is mature and steady, and is at the international leading level.
02- Smooth and natural texture and remarkable quality Imitate the pattern effect of natural marble, and the color is pure, steady and decent, natural, esthetic and fashionable. Every performance index of the product is perfect: low water absorbing rate, dense and wear-resistiant, high anti bending strength, high glossiness, strong anti-fouling performance, structured and unified dimensions, smooth grain with artistic conception that is far-reaching as high mountains and great rivers, and pure color that stands good and remains charming.
03- Abundant styles and strong collocation performance The products are divided into polishing surface, matte surface, and stone imitation surface. They have complete color series and multiple style choices. They can be paved independently, matched with other products, elegant, noble, and splendid, and used flexibly according to different design ideas and function characteristics. As intersperse and ground collocation, they will enrich the space with fashionable charm.

Decoration characteristics of the products The line and plane of the brick build the grain that shows stone imitative effect, moving, flowing and smooth like purl, and grand and changeable like waterfall flood current, so it is difficult to ponder upon it; the color of brick is vivid and impressive, abolishing the stiff trace and mixing mark during producing, natural and even without repetition. The strong level sense can extend the space limitlessly, harmonious and comfortable. Used in ordinary homes or luxurious houses, they can build the decent and modern space atmosphere well. They are suitable for large and small scale projects such as large scale market, gymnasiums and stadiums, exhibition halls and home decoration, etc.